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Building the next generation of Retail Media technology.

Rethinking the Retail Media stack for retailers.

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Deliver on the promise of Retail Media

Start & scale your retail media programme with best-in-class technology

Grow retail media revenue by delivering results for advertisers

Engage your audience and deliver a great customer experience.

Utilise automation to build a highly scalable retail media business

Ad Formats

Serve ads across the entire funnel

Offer a full set of formats to your brand partners to drive revenue and brand awareness along the entire customer journey.

  • Sponsored ProductsPromote products in search and recommendations.
  • Banner & Video DisplayUse Banners & Video to grow brand awareness
  • E-mail & PushReach and re-engage audiences at the right time and place.
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Targeting & Personalization

Reach the right audiences

Drive revenue and reach while protecting user experience and retail revenue by using user-level targeting and personalisation.

  • Behavioral TargetingUtilise insights into customer behavior.
  • Contextual TargetingInfer intent from contextual signals.
  • Auto-TargetingTarget AI-generated audiences.
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Campaign Portal

Operate campaigns efficiently

Streamline campaign operations for you and your partners.

  • Self-Serve & ManagedOffer the right service-level for your partners.
  • Auto-biddingAllow brands to automate their bidding.
  • Flexible BillingEnable a range of pricing models (CPM, CPC, CPA, Fixed)

Analytics & Insights

Access & share the most important KPIs

Get all the live & historical data you and your partners need in our Dashboards or through API.

  • Campaign PerformanceCommunicate the results of campaigns and demonstrate value.
  • Benchmarks and InsightsHighlight opportunities and insights for media planning.
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Composable & Customizable Platform

Start with ease and scale with confidence

All you need to get started with ease and grow with you along your journey.

  • Start with native integrationsGet your first ads live in less than a week with native integrations with tag management and feed solutions.
  • Customise where neededBuild on top of our comprehensive APIs and modular components.
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The Team

behind Prehendo

Previously GM at Hopin. Engineering Leader on Mobile Ads Engineering at Facebook and CTO at Charlotte Tilbury and The Hut Group.
Manos CTO
Former Engineering Leader at Amazon Ads, building behavioral targeting products. Former VP Engineering at Trustpilot & Wood Mackenzie.

Are you building Retail Media at your company?

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